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August 2008

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Girls and Hubby are back....

Well the girls got back on Saturday and had a great time with their grandmother and grandfather.  They went shopping, of course, and got two new shoes each, an outfit and a stuffed animal.  My time with Nathan was really nice and quiet.  Poor Nathan never gets my one on one time anymore, or ever since he was born, and he seemed to enjoy it some but I think he really prefers when his sisters are here.  He was kind of bored and just walked around the house all day.  It is strange because when you have your first child it seems hard to have one, but when you have three in the house all the time and you go back down to one it seems so easy.  The house is calmer but not as much fun.  

Hubby got home today and it was nice to have our household back.  He missed us and we missed him but it was nice to join back up and share our experiences.  The girls missed him and Julianne for the first time called him on his cell phone and talked to him. It was strange to hear her talking to him.  She is usually phone shy but she did really well talking to him.

Tucker is doing better.  I am trying to figure out how to get his picture uploaded on here but I can't seem to master that skill yet.  We will see if I can mess with it now.  I will probably go ahead and post this entry, since last time I wrote out an entry and then tried to attach my picture but lost what I had written and did not want to post again, and then try to get the picture.  Anyways, Tucker had eye surgery last week because he had a melting ulcer in his eye and it was pretty severe.  So he has to wear a cone on his head and had a hard time at first adjusting to it but now does not run into things as much anymore.  I think his eye will look a little awkard for the rest of his life but I am happy that they were able to fix it and not have to take it out.  

I am going to try to write down funny quotes that the girls (and Nathan) say so that I can remember them and I can't remember any from today but about a month ago we were driving in the car and I told the girls to look at the sky and the pretty clouds and Mallory said, "Mom how does the person who painted the clouds get down".  That was such a interesting thought.  I loved it. 

Bye for now...


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I'm glad the girls had a good visit and that everyone is back home, safe and sound!