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August 2008

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Yoga Fanatic

  Since I moved to Ohio I have been taking Yoga about once a week and I really like the way it makes me feel.  It is hard for me to admit that currently I enjoy it more than spinning and running.  I have been a five day a week cardio woman forever and I am beginning to like the slowness and flexibility that Yoga offers.  I really enjoy it becasue I am very tight, I could barely touch my toes a year ago and because it works muscles that I have never used before.  I always feel really good after going to Yoga.  I also enjoy the peaceful meditation at the end and it helps me to carry that though my day (well that is my intention).  So I went to a Yoga Challenge class that is not for first timers today (I attempted to go a couple weeks ago and as everyone was buckled into their car seats I slammed my finger in the door and got three stitches.  Needless to say I never made it) and it was not as hard and I expected but very enjoyable.  It was a lot of standing poses and not so much vinyesas (which I like because it mixes cardio with stretching).  Anyways I liked the class but did not love it.  My health club offers other kinds so I may try those while I have more free time during the summer.  So I don't know if it is because I am getting older that I enjoy Yoga more or I am just exploring different kinds of physical activity.  

Why is that when my son wears Crocs he always gets black gunk between his toes?  We have hand me down crocs from his cousin that he has been wearing the past month because they are nice and easy to get on a squirmy toddler foot.  I am kind of against Crocs.  Not to offend anyone but who wants to wear plastic shoes with holes in the them.  They are not very attractive and don't seem like they would be comfortable (I have been told otherwise).   They remind me of Jellies from the 80's of which I also did not have a pair because I thought those were ugly and they were uncomfortable.  So I do not own a pair of crocs nor have I ever bought my girls a pair (they currenlty have two pairs each from grandparents).  

Another wise question-Why does my 4 year old consistently tell me she is hungry?  Even after have a meal it never fails that 30 minutes later she says "I am still hungry".  Crazy girl.  I need to teach her other things to say when she is bored.  

That is all for now...