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August 2008

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A great weather day

 Today is a fantastic weather day.  The sky is blue with puffy clouds and the humidity is very low.  I love these days and I love them even better with the temperature is in the low 70's high 60's.  Those days will come soon enough.  I can't believe that it is almost school time.  I think they go back in 4 weeks.    

I went on a weed spraying binge last night.  I have so many weeds in my flower beds it is driving me crazy.  I tried to do the patient thing and pull them out one by one but it seems like the next day they are back again.  It is driving me nuts so this weekend I broke down and bought Weed-b-Gone.  I sprayed and sprayed last night and this morning I see some lifeless weeds but still some of the weeds I sprayed are still thriving.  How much can the weeds tolerate of this terrible chemical?  I don't have to have perfect flower beds but it kind of ruins the look of the beds when the weeds are higher than the plants.  So we will see.  I will wait a few days and try again.

I set up some boundaries for Mallory and he continual asking for food.  She is not allowed to say she is hungry until the designated snack/meal time or she will have a consequence.  We decided that she could talk to me about other feelings she was having but not the continual "I'm hungry".  We also talked about trying to eat more at the designated times so that she would not feel so hungry during other times during the day.  I sound like a anal/strict mom but I really am not and that was just one thing that she was driving me nuts about.  

Nathan's favorite word is "mine".  Other favorites include-snack, wawa (water), inside/outside, poopo (poop), sissy's (sisters), mal (Mel), more, and ball (second favorite then outside is his third).

More later... 


Those are the best kind of days! I can't wait for it to cool down just a bit, but we've been pretty lucky with this summer, so I shouldn't complain! Anything under 90 degrees is pretty nice!

I love how you talk about consequences and stuff with your kids! You are not anal or strict - you're a fantastic mom!