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August 2008

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We have wireless

We now have moved into the wireless world. I was a little hesitant because I am actually somewhat opposed to having all this technology right here/right now. That mentality just drives me nuts. I don't understand why so much of american consumerism revolves around having the latest/greatest/fastest technology product ever. Why do we always have to be in touch with someone while we are away from our house/business? Why do we have to have internet access from every room in our house or while we are drinking coffee at the local store? I think that personal relationships have suffered since technology has become such a large part of our lives. I rarely use my cell phone and actually my husband got a cell phone for the first time about a month ago. We actually shared our other cell phone and everyone thought we were nuts. We lived without it for so long why do we need it now? It was used in an emergency or if one of us was traveling. I hope that I can keep my kids away from video games, thinking they need a cell phone, watching too much TV, using the internet too much, etc... for as long as I can.

Don't get me wrong there are many positives about having the latest/greatest/fastest technological products. One of the positives for me is that most of us live away from family and friends and it is nice to give everyone updates on how the family is doing. It is nice to set up this blog and share my thoughts and show pictures of my kids to my close friends and family. So I am grateful that the internet and free websites are available for everyone to do that.

I will still continue to pick up the phone and call my friends and family but it is convenient to share information quickly to a large amount of people. That is why I get mixed feelings on this issue. I sometimes think that I should have grown up in the 40's or 50's when this stuff did not exist. Well that is enough talking about that issue.

The girls weekend was really fun. We had a great time and really enjoyed taking care of ourselves, shopping, getting pedicures, missing my family, and hanging out with a great friend. We will have to do it more often.

We had a pretty good Monday and Tuesday. The girls were happy that I was back and everyone got back on track on Monday. We took Tucker to the vet and he got the OK to take off his cone and become a free dog again. He seems in better spirits but also looks a little thin. I think because he could not get scraps off of the floor from the kids so he has been eating less. We will make sure to give him more food in the weeks to come. I took him to the dog park for the first time on Monday night with Mel and Mallory and he had a good time. He did not run off and was very obedient. Mel on the other hand did well at first off the lease but then started for the playground and did not stop until Mallory and I cornered him and got him back on lease. I don't think I will ever be able to trust time off of the lease. In Tennessee he used to run away from our house and take off when he was off the leash so I have too much going on to have to worry about him. He is staying on the leash during our trips to the dog park.

Julianne was a little emotional today and I think because she may be starting to worry about beginning first grade in a few weeks. She told me that she did not want to "work, work, work all day" and that "Mallory would have fun with you at home". So I think she is thinking about it and slowly starting to worry about it.

Well that is all for today.


Oh, my gosh, I could've written the first part of your post! I have such mixed feellings about technology like this. Well, actually, take that back. My feelings aren't mixed - I don't really like it! Like you, I worry that being constantly connected actually results in deteriorating relationships and eats away at whatever free time we have, whether we're adults or kids. I don't want Adeline to have a cell phone. I don't want her to use the computer. I even wish schools put off teaching computer skills until middle school at the earliest. Why do they need to learn that when they haven't even learned to write a sentence or other, more tangible and necessary skills? I've heard that schools are removing PE, art and music from their curricula - areas that are much more important to children (I think) and areas that they might not get exposure to otherwise.

Do any of the kids' friends have cell phones yet? Or have they starting asking for one?

I do value LJ for my uses: keeping in touch with friends, recording goings-on (because my memory is awful!) and sorting through feelings and reactions to daily life. But I also recognize how it takes up time and can even become yet another thing on my To Do list.

If it makes you feel any better, Ken and I didn't have cell phones for the longest time, and he even worked for Sprint! When I started graduate school and had to travel a few days a week, we broke down and got one. But only one.

I'm glad you had a great Girls Weekend!

I agree

Julianne and Mallory have kind of been playing with our cell phones the past couple of weeks. They like to flip the phone and pretend they are using it. But I know that right now it is pretend play and not really wanting to have a cell phone. Julianne's friends do not have cell phones now and I asked my neighbor girl who has one (she will be in the 8th grade) and she said that in middle school kids get them but some get them as early as 5th grade. So that is a little scary.

I agree with the To Do list but like you this will fun to look back on and remember different moments that we had that we had forgotten. I tired to do a journal for the girls (Dwight still actually tries to write in it monthy) but I quit doing it after Nathan was born because I could not write in three journals. So this will hopefully help, if I keep it up, keep track of memories.

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