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August 2008

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Every time I write in this journal I am going to write 3-5 things that I am grateful/thankful for. I think that this is important for me because I have a tendency to only talk about the things in my day that drive me crazy or that tend to be negative. I don't think I am a very negative person but sometimes I feel like I am complaining (or I know that Hubby thinks I am complaining) more than I should. It is not really that I want to complain it is more that I am expressing how the day went and the negative things are things that I am asking advice for or trying to figure out if I could have done something better or different. Mostly this has to deal with being a parent and trying to raise three children. So if I try to recongize postive things throughout the day then it will give me something to talk about as well as see that things are not always as bad as they may seem. I am already grateful for my husband who is an amazing man, husband and father. He is very understanding and compassionate and really tries to be a good man, husband and father. I am also grateful for all my children and their amazing personalities and just their "being". This also applies to my family and close friends. I am glad to have such great friends that really are there for me when I need them and I hope I am there for them also. So I am going to get that out of the way so that when I don't specifically say I am grateful for my husband, kids, etc. you will know why. This is going to be for noticing the little things and recognizing them as well.

I am grateful for the times that Nathan wants to kiss me.
I love that Julianne wants me to snuggle with me every night.
I am thankful for the bread store and their free large samples of bread with the delicious assorted butters.
I am happy to see Julianne finally comfortable enough to swim by herself and really enjoy herself in the pool without getting to nervous.

That is it for now....


Okay, that was really, really nice to read. Thank you for sharing and for the reminder to set the angsty whining aside once in a while! :)