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August 2008

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Fabulous Friday

We had a great day on Friday. We had two of my friends over from Graduate School. Unfortunately one of my friend's husband got transferred to Dallas, TX so she will not be here for long. It has been nice to see her again after so many years of living in TN. In the afternoon after Dad got home we cleaned the cars, I was not much help because I was taking lots of pictures, and to our surprise the Ice Cream Truck came and we got lots of treats to eat. It was a great day for all of us.



This is the first time that we have seen the ice cream truck in our new neighborhood. It was a great treat.

Nathan's eczema has good days and bad days. Yesterday it was acting up and as I was taking lots of pictures of the action outside I took a picture of his legs.


Another great thing about yesterday is when we went outside the sky was beautiful. The clouds were white and puffy and the light was shinning through them. The picture does not the scene justice but I tried.


Nathan & Waterbottle

Things I am grateful/thankful for:
-The ice cream truck and all the joy it brings to a neighborhood.
-The blue and pink stains the girls get on their faces after eating ice cream truck snow cones.
-Appreciating the clouds and sky and how they are different everyday.


Oh, great pictures, great day! I love the cloud picture. I always say, "Look! There's God!" when I see clouds like that. It reminds me of cheesey Bible pictures. And, well, of God. Truly.

Poor Nathan-Poo with his boo-boos. It must be especially uncomfortable when it's hot and damp out. I wonder if it will get any better when summer starts to fade away?

I hope your Saturday was just as stupendous!


You are so talented with the camera. Love the photo of the girls in the reflection of the truck. The sky pic is amazing.

I hope Nathan's excema gets better!